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We perform a free forensic analysis with the following tools:


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Bactiscan NB.png

On surfaces bacteria and biofilms can be viewed in real time using this simple to operate lamp that has variable wavelength technology. This tool shows the operator where to clean and swab that cannot be viewed with the naked eye. This requires no chemicals and no consumables.


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Bactiscope-and-pipe-800x522 (1).1.png

Inside of pipes this heavy duty professional light displays narrow waveband light in long wave frequencies making bacteria and biofilms visible.  The Bactiscope moves inside small bore to large diameter pipes, first to detect welding defects and then upon its return to base detects bacteria and biofilms with the click of a switch.

BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAMS Unit)

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BAMS unit pic 1.png

BAMS detects airborne microbial and inert particles by monitoring air quality in real-time.  This allows contaminant source tracking and contaminant trend analysis. Users are enabled to make timely measurements without the traditional training methods and consumables, significantly reducing test times.

Thermal Imaging Camera

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With thermal imaging, we are able to pinpoint vapor leaks.  We analyze images to determine the scope of the problem within coolers and freezers. We also examine the roof insulation to see how much ice and water has gotten into the system so we can determine a more accurate scope of work to eliminate the problem.

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